Each flower, gem, and environmental essence stock bottle created by the Alaskan Flower Essence Project has been individually potentised. 

Dosage bottles may be prepared from the stock level of dilution by following these basic instructions:

  • First choose the appropriate essences. This may be done by pendulum analysis, kinesiology (muscle testing), intuitive selection, or by reading the essence descriptions and determining which ones feel right for you. It may also be helpful to have a friend or counsellor work with you in the selection process.
  • Fill a clean 30ml amber glass dropper bottle with pure spring or distilled water and add two drops of each selected essence. We recommend adding one or two teaspoons of brandy to preserve the clarity and stability of the dosage solution. For those with a sensitivity to alcohol, use a like amount of apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine as a substitute for the brandy.

The standard dosage is four drops, four times a day, but we urge individual testing to arrive at the correct dosage amount and frequency, especially with small children. Please note that the frequency, or the number of times that the essences are taken, rather than the amount that is taken, increases the strength of the effect. 

You may want to use these essences at their existing or stock level of dilution. In fact, this is the recommended approach for our combination forumulas. Drops can be taken directly from the stock bottle, or added to a glass of water or juice and taken at intervals throughout the day. All of the Alaskan essences can also be used externally at the stock level by blending them with massage oils, lotions, and salves, or as a special addition to your bath. They may also be broadcast into your environment by adding several drops of each selected essence to a spritzer bottle, or to your humidifier or air purification system.
*Currently all bottles imported into NZ are dosage strength. They do not need diluting

Using the Essences with Animals

The Alaskan Essences can be easily integrated into any programme of animal care. Dosage bottles can be prepared according to the directions given above, with special consideration given to the following points.

  • Animals are generally more responsive to essences than human beings. Therefore, the dosage cycle for an animal usually will be for a shorter duration. For this reason, we recommend that glycerine be used as a preservative instead of brandy. 
  • For chronic situations, drops from the dosage bottle may be added to the watering dish every time it is filled. For acute situations, or when the animal is unable to eat or drink regularly, give drops directly to the animal as often as necessary.
  • For animals who are unable to take their essences orally, and for those who are suffering from external injuries, add essences to a spritzer bottle and spray them around or directly on the animal; or if possible, rub them directly into the coat or on to the skin.

Best wishes.