View the Sacred Space SpraysJane Bell and Steve Johnson have co-created three new formulas for Space Clearing, an ancient practice brought to life by Denise Linn in her book Sacred Space. Jane is a graduate of Denise's Interior Alignment program and practices Space Clearing professionally, helping people to create healing environments.

Our Sacred Space Formulas enable you to create and maintain a clear and vibrant energy field in your home or office. Stagnant energies accumulate in our environments from computers and other electrical equipment, emotional upsets, illness, clutter, and even from the energy of previous occupants. Over time these energies can have a draining affect on our health, prosperity, relationships, and general happiness and well being.

Anyone can benefit from Space Clearing their house so that it sparkles, but you will find this process especially useful if you are moving into a new home, staying in a motel, feel stuck in any area of your life, lack physical energy and vitality, or are sensitive to energy in general.

Begin with a prayer of gratitude and by focusing your intention to clear stagnant, inharmonious energies from your environment and to replace them with positive, uplifting, and life affirming energies from nature and the angelic kingdom.

Sacred Space Sprays

Combination Sprays


Note: These essences are not intended to replace important and/or vital medical treatment. No warranties or guarantees, implied or otherwise, are made regarding the use of these essences, and users do so at their own discretion.