View the Gem ElixirsWe are continually involved in the exciting process of developing new flower, gem, and environmental essences. These new essences are subjected to an ongoing process of research and review to determine which of them are ready to be released to the public as "research essences". The following lists denote those essences that have been released, but are still in the early stages of their research and development. These lists are based on years of attunement and preliminary feedback from practitioners and clients who are using these essences in a variety of therapeutic situations around the world.

Research Gem Elixirs

Gem ElixirsThe mineral kingdom helps us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences. Just as the rocks and soil of this planet provide structure and stability for the growth of the plant kingdom, gem elixirs stabilize and restructure our energy systems so that our physical bodies can maintain their balance as the consciousness within us grows and expands.

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Note: These essences are not intended to replace important and/or vital medical treatment. No warranties or guarantees, implied or otherwise, are made regarding the use of these essences, and users do so at their own discretion.