The Essence of Healing, 2nd Edition

The Essence of Healing-2nd Edition is your comprehensive reference guide to the Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences. This expanded edition features color pictures and affirmations for the 72 flowers that make up our Practitioner Kit, and of the 12 essences in our Environmental Kit. This new edition also contains new information on the healing qualities of the essences, collected over the past four years from a variety of sources. These include our annual Practitioner Training Program held here in Alaska, workshops conducted in many different countries, and from our worldwide network of therapists and clients. Also new in this edition is a section on our new Combination Formulas and Sacred Space Sprays, as well as information on all of the Research Essences currently in our repertory. This book is organized into eight parts.

  • Part One contains my philosophical orientation to vibrational healing and my definition of what flower essences, gem elixirs, and environmental essences are and how they work.

  • In Part Two I introduce seven levels of essence application for the human kingdom and give practical information on how these essences can be applied for the benefit of the animal and plant kingdoms. This chapter also includes information on essence selection, preparing dosage bottles, and external use.

  • In Part Three, the 72 Alaskan flower essences are profiled. Each essence is presented in a format that includes the scientific name of the flower used, a list of indications that signify a need for this particular essence, and an expanded presentation of its healing qualities.

  • The 12 essences contained in our Environmental Kit are featured in Part Four. The healing qualities of these essences are communicated in an informal story format.

  • In Part Five, the 48 elixirs contained in our Gem Elixir Kit are presented. The information given for each elixir includes the color of the stone used, a listing of the chakras and subtle bodies that are most affected by the elixir, indications that signify a need for this particular elixir, and its healing qualities.

  • Part Six introduces our Combination Formulas and Sacred Space Sprays, exciting new products that have been released in the past two years.

  • Part Seven is a reference section containing the healing qualities of all 72 flower, 48 gem, and 12 environmental essences organized under various therapeutic topics. These topics were chosen to reflect current themes that are relevant to the Alaskan essences in particular, and to vibrational healing in general.

  • In Part Eight you will find an alphabetical index of the Alaskan stock kits, an alphabetical listing of the Alaskan Research Essences, a chart giving 12 essences for each of the seven levels of application, and the qualities of all of the research essences currently in our repertory.

This book is an invaluable tool for those using the Alaskan essences, and is also recommended for anyone who would like to learn more about the potential for healing that can be realized through a co-creative relationship with nature.

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Alaskan Flower Essence Project 2002-2003 Catalogue

This catalogue is a comprehensive guide and listing of the essences produced by the Alaskan Flower Essence Project. Learn about the Alaskan Flower Essence Project, its history, its goals and how you can experience the vibrational purity of the Alaskan environment through the use of Alaskan Essences and Elixirs. 


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